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Skylink HA-300 Wireless Deluxe Motion Detector Alert System Kit, Indoor/Outdoor


(as of 03/16/2020 at 12:02 UTC)

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The HA-300 Wireless Long Range Household Alert and Alarm Motion Detector Kit will alert you of security breaches. You can set the system to one of three operating modes to be alerted when movement is detected. All three modes will flash an LED to notify you of movement, you can change the mode based on the audio indicator you would like to receive.

Alert Mode omits beeps when a sensor is activated, Alarm Mode will scare off intruders with a 95 dB siren, and Off Mode will not omit any audio indication, just visual LED lights. A supervised Sensor feature is equipped to monitor the sensor battery to let you know when the battery life is low.

Expandable system: add up to 16 sensors (sold separately) in up to 4 different zones for more enhanced security and alert applications.

This kit is compatible with the following Skylink sensors: Wireless motion sensor HA-434TL, Garage Door Sensor, GM-434TL, Water Alert Sensor WA-434TL and the Door / Window Alert Sensor WD-434TL.

  • Range of up to 800 feet in an open area.
  • 2 in 1 Alert & Alarm Modes. Be notified of your surroundings!
  • Motion sensor detection range of 40 feet.
  • Program up to 16 sensors, 4 in each zone.
  • One HA-434RL Household Alert Receiver (AC/DC adapter included) plus Two HA-434TL Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor (Battery not included).
  • Deluxe Motion Alert Kit.

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