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Fortress Security Store 130dB Siren Motion Detector, Indoor/Outdoor, Black

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Featuring a 130 dB inside, outside siren. Be assured that this siren has the power to notify neighbors in case of an emergency. This siren is small but powerful. A must have for the larger buildings or homes. It is ideal for added security and protection. Can be placed in a discrete location, but don’t let the compact size fool you.

This device delivers a loud siren designed to bring a lot of attention to the area and as an additional siren, you can ensure that the alarm will sound everywhere (not only where you have the internal siren located).

  • Extremely loud 130 dB alarm siren.
  • Easily mount inside or outside
  • Ideal for securing larger properties, businesses, sheds, building, etc.
  • Compatible with Fortress Security S02 and GSM alarm systems.
  • Weatherproof and durable design.
  • Black Siren for S02/GSM.

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