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ZKTeco L7000-U Biometric Fingerprint Smart Door Lock, Silver

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By improving the perfect combination of biometrics and cryptography, the L7000U biometric device ensures double security through the fingerprint plus password unlocking feature. This door  lock supports 100 passwords and 500 fingerprints. It has three way to unlock (Fingerprint, password and mechanical key).

The 128*64 1.54″ OLED display has clear and bright readouts making this fingerprint door lock intuitive and easy to use. It can display the battery charge level, time and date, unlocking records and so on. This L70000-U features an American standard single latch enabling easy installation and replacement of deadbolt lock.

Product features
– New generation fingerprint recognition algorithm.
– Idle handle design to prevent from forcible entry.
– OLED display screen with visual menu.
– Smart alarm for low battery and illegal operation.
– Normal open mode.
– Support query door open logs.
– Backset is adjustable (60mm or 70mm).

– Material: Zinc Alloy.
– Fingerprint Capacity: 500.
– Password Capacity: 100.
– Log Capacity: 30,000.
– Operating Temperature: 32 ºF ~ 122 ºF (0ºC ~ 50ºC).
– Communication: USB flash disk.
– Power Supply: 4 × AA Alkaline Battery.
– Backup Unlock: Mechanical Key & 9V Battery.
– Door Thickness: 35-55 mm (standard), 55-75 mm (optional).

  • THREE WAYS TO UNLOCK: Fingerprint, password, and mechanical key. L7000-U is an electronic biometric door lock which supports up to 500 fingerprints.
  • 128*64 1.54″ OLED DISPLAY: Easily Add or Delete user information on this device. It shows unlocking records, enrolled user quantity, and battery level.
  • A 24/7 ACTIVITY LOG TRACKS: Visitor ID trackable (know time and who visited your place). The latest 30000 unlocking records can be tracked. Users can browse unlocking records on device.
  • PASSAGE MODE: Stay unlocking whenever you want. Just press the handle to open the door.
  • USER DATA BACKUP: Uploading/downloading of user information through USB flash disk. All the data can be copied and stored, which means you do not have to worry about losing user information anymore.
  • ACCESS TIMETABLE MANAGEMENT: This device can grant limited access right to certain persons like a guest or a babysitter for a few weeks, days or hours.
  • L7000U.
  • Silver.

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