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iTouchless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock, Right Handle, Gold


(as of 03/19/2020 at 10:02 UTC)

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Never worry about forgetting your keys again! Your finger becomes the only “key” you’ll need with this biometric, fingerprint recognition door lock device with a 560 DPI scanner. Children, trusted friends, or staff can enter your home or office once you’ve authorized their fingerprint.

It can store up to 150 different fingerprints. It also features PIN pass code access, storing up to 78 different PIN pass codes.

A “master code” allows you control over adding and deleting fingerprints and PIN pass codes, providing you full control over who has access. For added security, this lock is “bump key” proof. For your convenience, two backup keys are provided.

Operation is simple: just lift the cover and place your finger onto the scanner pad. If the fingerprint has been authorized, the door lock will automatically unlock and provide you access. Once the door closes, it automatically locks again, providing complete security.

You may also use a PIN pass code to access, if one has been registered. Additionally, you may enable “Free Passage” mode to bypass fingerprint or PIN pass code requirement and keep the door lock unlocked until “Free Passage” mode is disabled.

• 100% Dependable: Low battery power alert lets you know when it’s time to change batteries.
• Two backup keys are provided for emergency use.
• The water-resistant, gold-colored finish is durable and attractive.
• Powered by 4 AA batteries, which provides power for up to 15,000 uses.
• Operating temperature: -4° to 140° F.

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