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AIGURD Smart Biometric Door Lock, Rosegold, Left Handle

SKU: B07TFHFP4S. Category: . Tag: . Manufacturer: AIGURD


AIGURD Smart Biometric Door Lock, Rosegold, Left Handle

  • IRREVERSIBLE LEFT-HANDED HANDLE & UP TO 200 IDs: 10 administrators, 140 normal users, 50 guests. Guests can only enter at a certain time period (set by admins). 1-Year warranty.
  • CONVENIENCE FOR MOST AGES & PLACES: Can read 5-year-kids’ to 80-year-elders’ fingerprints, you can also set the lock at temporary open mode which is great for shops, clubs, offices.
  • ANTI-PEEP PASSWORD & ENTRY RECORDS: Add same quantity digits before and after the real passcode, lock still opens. It remembers all entry records which only admins can see.
  • OPEN MODES & PASSCODE COMBINATIONS: Fingerprint open, passcode open, key open, admins can also set combination passcodes to open: double fingerprints, fingerprint and passcode, double passcodes.
  • ANTI FAKE FINGERPRINT & DATA TRANSFER: Only blood-flowing finger can open the lock. If you own an AIGURD door lock, you can copy the data to any other AIGURD door locks.
  • Size: Left Handle.
  • Color: Rose Gold.

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