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AGPtek RFID Door Access Control Home Security System Kit, Electric Magnetic Lock

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 AGPtek RFID Door Access Control Home Security System Kit
This RFID Proximity access controller, using a proximity system, is one of the modern access control systems. The state-of-the-art CPU and integrated circuit techniques are applied to keep all the data from loss due to power failure. It is powerful and can open the door using proximity cards, passwords, or the hybrid.

The access controller can provide users with more convenience by connecting to terminals, including the button for opening the door, doorbell, and electric lock that is normally open or closed.
This product offers a method for controlling access safely and automatically, qualifying it as an ideal equipment for your home, businesses, offices, factories, and communities.

Package Includes:
1x Magnetic Door Lock main body 280kg Strong Force (NC mode).
1x Armature faceplate.
1 x Access Control Power Supply.
1x Push Release Button.
1x RFID Proximity Door Entry keypad.
10x RFID Key Fobs.
1x Package Mounting hardware kit (for Magnetic lock).
1xpackage Mounting hardware (for keypad)
1x Package mounting accessories (for button).
1 x Manual (for magnetic lock).
1 x Manual (for power supply).
1 x Manual (access control keypad).

Power Supply Specifications:
– Small and exquisite, easy installation.
– Advantages: Voltage range input regularly from 100V-240V, compatible with world voltage, light weight, convenient transportation, small disturbance, output voltage fluctuation is only ±1% from no-load to full load, lock temperature rising reduces greatly (compared with power frequency supply).
– AC input: Standard AC100V-240V 50-60HZ 36W.
– DC output: Stabilizator DC12V/ 3 A.
– It controls the electric lock directly. It can set time lapse control circuit, and unlocking time can be in 0-15 seconds (it is arbitrarily adjustable).
– Automatic protection function: It will protect automatically, and there is no voltage output when short circuit is happening in the circumferential circuit.
– Outside iron shell dimension: 120mm*95 mm*38mm.
– Set NC / NO outputs, can control various types of electric locks.
– Note: Opening time must set to 0 second when connecting with the electric controlled lock. Otherwise electric bolt lock would be Burned Down.

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