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Ardwolf A20 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock, Left-Handed


SKU: B01CZUYN2I. Category: . Tag: . Manufacturer: ARDWOLF


Important Note:
1. One hole needs to be drilled while the lock is installed. So it wouldn’t be a good choice if your door can not be drilled.
2. Please confirm your door is a left-handed door.
3. Before entering the user code, please activate the keypad by touching it; press the enter button to unlock the door after the user code.
4. Connect your computer by using the USB first when checking the system software.
5. Not waterproof, only for interior doors, doesn’t fit deadlock bolt.

Reset The Lock:
– Press and hold the reset button to set the lock back to manufacturer default status when the code and fingerprint doesn’t work at all.

Automatic locking:
– For each valid entry, lock will automatically lock in 5 sec.

Additional Features:
1. High Speed Processor Integrated. The lock is powered by the ST chip, which has 25% increase of the processing capacity.
2. Touch screen keypad. Stainless Steel as Raw Material. With a high quality black touch screen keypad there is no more worry about leaving the fingermark on the screen. Stainless steel (304 grade) is purposely designed to absorb more energy without breaking. The stronger resistance to corrosion keeps a longer life time for the finish.

Product Specifications:
– Front Plate (Outside Plate) (WxHxD): 68x210x29.8mm, Stainless steel forging casting.
– Back Plate (Inside Plate) (WxHxD): 68x210x29.8mm, Stainless steel forging casting.
– Battery: (4 AA Alkaline of 1.5V, not include) 5,000~6,000 times.
– Rated Voltage: DC 6V.
– Operating Temperature: -15 centigrades~55 centigrade.
– Type of Fingerprint Sensor: Optical.
– Wake Up Time: 400ms.
– Fingerprint Input Method: Optical capture.
– User Capacity: 100(FP/PW).
– Fake Finger: No recognition( Silicon Material).
– FAR%/FRR%: 0.001/0.01.
– Capture Speed: 39cm/s.

  • THREE WAYS TO UNLOCK: User codes (up to 100), fingerprints (up to 100) and the keys, user code is at least 8 digits (random pwd protection).
  • FIT DOORS: Adjustable backset 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″, door thickness between 1-3/8″ (35mm) and 1-3/4″(45mm); NOT WATERPROOF, we suggest used on home or office Interior doors.
  • NOT REVERSIBLE: Left handle lever. Install guide video: search Ardwolf A20 on Youtube.
  • SUPPORT PASSAGE MODE: You can convert it to passage mode, during which the door can be open just by pressing the door handle. 
  • USER DATA COPY/TRACK: In case of user data lose, you can keep a copy of the data, the data can be copied and used on another A20 lock; unlock records can be tracked as well.

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